Our Mission

Network PL is an association of Polish employees of international organizations. It aims to support the development of its members, who are involved in the daily process of building international cooperation.

With its knowledge and experience, Network PL wants to serve other Poles associated with or wanting to link their lives with international institutions.

At the level of the European Union, we intend to participate proactively in the creation of a modern European public service acting in the interest of EU citizens.

We believe that, in the spirit of our Association, we will be stronger and more effective working together and supporting each other.

Our mission is to:

  • encourage integration, mutual exchange of experience and knowledge and build ties between Poles working in international organizations;
  • promote relationships with fellow international colleagues working at international institutions in order to achieve better cooperation at working level;
  • build a strong, positive image of Poland and its people on the international scene"
  • support the professional and personal development of our members;
  • help young compatriots interested in becoming civil servants in the European and other international organizations;
  • develop human capital and know-how that will contribute to expert support for sustainable development in Poland, Europe and the world in an era of globalization;
  • support the construction and development of an active civil society in Poland;
  • promote Polish history, traditions, culture and language together with the Polish community;.

Our actions will be developed  through platforms, meetings, conferences and training sessions that will allow us to exchange our opinions, ideas, knowledge and know-how.

In implementing its mission, Network PL will be guided by high ethical standards, the public interest, common sense, the principle of political neutrality in relation to political parties and based on the experience and social work of its members.


Our mission

Main objectives of the Association are integration, exchange of experience and knowledge, building a network between Poles from international organizations and strengthen the positive image of Poles and Poland on the international arena.

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