Seminar on voluntary projects - Summary

08 Apr 2017

Network PL in cooperation with an NGO 'Service Civil International' Belgian, Brussels branch, organised on 4 April an info session/seminar on the topic of different short- and long-term voluntary projects organised by local NGOs and different civil organisations in many countries on 5 continents.

The seminar has been led by the SCI Belgium speaker: Sabina Jaworek, communications and projects officer at the SCI in Brussels branch. Ms Jaworek explained the objectives of the 'Service Civil international' NGO and what the organisation offers to its volunteers. She has outlined some details about conditions of participation (i.e. a weekend-long workshop in Belgium prior to the 1st departure, modest administrative fee, no age limits, just being open-minded and curious of the world), how to chose a volunteering project best matching your interests (topics range from local environmental preservation to human rights) and how to prepare for your project.

In the second part of the seminar, member of the Network PL, Małgorzata Pitura, has presented a photo-documentary from her own project in Tunisia last year, where she spent 2 weeks in August 2016 in an oasis of Chenini in the south of the country, working in an international volutneers team on a public garden restoration, all along with having plenty of fun and immersing in Tunisian culture in the best way possible – though contacts with the locals.

Thank you for your participation in the event.

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